Ronaldo hails nearly-man Klose

German Football
By German Football July 12, 2010 05:56

Ronaldo hails nearly-man Klose

Ronaldo has praised Miroslav Klose’s scoring achievements after the German striker fell just short of the Brazilian World Cup winner’s 15-goal all-time tournament record.

Klose’s four goals in South Africa took him to 14 strikes across the past three World Cups, one less than Ronaldo’s record tally amassed during the 1998, 2002 and 2006 tournaments.

A back injury cruelly robbed Klose the chance to play in Germany’s third-place play-off against Uruguay, a traditionally high-scoring fixture in which he would have had a strong chance of entering the history books. At 32, Klose is unlikely to play in another World Cup.

Ronaldo said he would have been happy to see Klose break his record, but praised his 14-goal tally as a “fantastic” achievement.

“Congratulations to Klose, to score 14 goals at the World Cup is fantastic. It’s sad that he did not play on Saturday,” Ronaldo told AFP. “I was not opposed to him breaking my record. I have made my history. Now it is time for others to write their stories.”

Germany coach Joachim Low said Klose wanted to play against Uruguay despite his injury but ultimately put the team ahead of his personal ambitions.

Low said: “He really wanted to play, but after training on Saturday he said to me that would not be able to take his place in the team. He was disappointed but he knew that we couldn’t allow a player who was only 80-percent fit to take part.”

German Football
By German Football July 12, 2010 05:56
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  1. eVe July 12, 08:04

    Dear klose, I adore you so much for your spirit and thoughts. For your humble and sportifity. Hope you may read this comment. That someone somewhere in the world adores you THIS much. Keep it up, skipper. :’)

  2. Kat July 12, 08:27

    To us millions of fans, you embody the spirit of the German National Team with your selfless performances and consistency over the years. Klose, we love you and the team will miss you, but be rest assured that Germany will bring home the trophy in 2014!

    Ich liebe dich! <3

  3. Hanin Sharif July 12, 09:26

    My Champion… Klose,

    You have been nothing but amazing in the past three World Cups, you always got onto that pitch and gave it all, poured your passion and heart out, you’re the most talented and skilled striker I have ever laid my eyes on, in my eyes, you did already break the record, you’ve gained our love and admiration throughout this, we don’t care how many goals you scored, all of your goals were out of this world! And for that, you’re already the top scorer in the world, at least in my eyes!

    I ADORE you! Wishing you nothing but a successful season at Bayern München! Cannot wait!

    Much much much LOVE from Jordan.

  4. ADAM July 12, 10:05

    klose you klose the door on argantinas cup dreams

  5. Fan from Thailand July 12, 10:28

    Klose, please get well soon. You’ve done your best and all the fans know that. You’re just AMAZING!

  6. shiby July 12, 14:15

    don’t know wat to say…..”Hats Off”.. 🙂
    hope u wil play(actually wants u to) in d nxt WC nd scores goals for Germany again.. 🙂

  7. Joy July 12, 17:48

    C0ngrats klose..u r always b my favorite playr

  8. trini July 12, 23:39

    miroslav klose. im not a footballer but if i do play someday and get anywhere with it, its bcuz of you,you have made me a true fan of footbal and i think you are the most talented player in the world, the goldenboots and world cup belongs to you….if u somehow come across this web page and read this ,please play next world cup because glory belongs to you 🙁

  9. Naveed July 13, 11:40

    Hi Klose,
    I have started my football carrier when I saw your brilliant performance in Fifa world cup 2002.I really inspired by you.You are the star of the history of the football.Keep it up & bring the UEFA Euro 2012 trophy in Germany.

  10. echa July 13, 15:08

    Klose i saw your performence in WC 2002 and u made me more in love with germany football, u’re so unselfish, humble and consistent player… i thank you so much for all the good moments, and amazing victories. i don’t care if you don’t break Ronaldo’s record, for me u’ll always be my favorite player forever…
    from Indonesia 😀

  11. MissWrong July 16, 14:50

    I am very happy that i don’t need to support Germany any more. The only one I knew before this WC will be retired when next game. It will be so wonderful that I won’t be a fan any more. I don’t like it if you want to hear truth. I like Klose and some other players. Not everything from Germay. Thanks for letting me realize it. Otherwise the more time will be waste from me.

  12. klolse August 10, 23:15

    and justice is done as klose, a piece of crap striker who can only do headers, fails to surpass the great Ronaldo best striker ever, a sport legend. brazil sends you a goodbye kiss!

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