Puyol header downs Germany

German Football
By German Football July 7, 2010 23:28

Puyol header downs Germany

Carles Puyol scored the only goal of the game to send Spain into the World Cup final against Holland following a 1-0 victory against Germany on Wednesday.

The Barcelona centre-back powered home a header from 8 meters from Xavi’s corner 17 minutes from time to send the reigning European champions into their first ever World Cup final. Holland reached the title game by beating Uruguay 3-2 in Cape Town on Tuesday. It means there will be a new name on the trophy for the first time since France claimed victory on home soil in 1998.

Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque had sprung a surprise before kick-off by dropping out-of-form Liverpool forward Fernando Torres and replacing him with Barcelona youngster Pedro. That move allowed tournament top scorer David Villa to play through the middle and the switch almost paid dividends six minutes into the game.

Pedro came in off his wing and slipped a delightful ball in behind the Germany defence which Villa ran on to but he had to slide in to shoot before Manuel Neuer arrived and he succeeded only in prodding the ball into the goalkeeper’s chest.

Spain should have gone ahead on 14 minutes after a cleverly-worked corner routine left Andres Iniesta free to cross from the right, but Puyol got too much purchase on his diving header and sent the ball over the bar.

Germany were stretched again on 19 minutes as a great crossfield ball from Xabi Alonso found the marauding Sergio Ramos but after an exquisite piece of control his shot was wild and high. Germany finally threatened on 32 minutes when Piotr Trochowski, in for the suspended Thomas Mueller, shot from distance and forced Iker Casillas into a sprawling save low to his left.

Mesut Özil thought he should have had a penalty on the stroke of half-time when he went down under a challenge from Ramos but his appeals were waved away by referee Viktor Kassai.

For all their pretty approach play, Spain were struggling to get into the box and started hitting pot shots from distance with Alonso, twice, and Villa shooting wide. Neuer then saved from Pedro, who moments later shot wide while Villa was inches away from a tap-in after Iniesta jinked into the box and squared the ball across goal.

Up the other end substitute Marcell Jansen’s cross was flicked on by a Spanish head, but on the turn Miroslav Klose could only volley high. And on 69 minutes Germany created possibly their best chance of the match as substitute Toni Kroos arrived unmarked at the back post onto Lukas Podolski’s cross but his finish was weak and straight at Casillas.

But then came Puyol’s great leap to propel Spain into the final. Spain had several chances on the counter attack late on but Pedro wasted the best of those as he tried to turn Arne Friedrich once too often instead of squaring to the unmarked substitute Torres.

German Football
By German Football July 7, 2010 23:28
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  1. Ash July 7, 23:40

    stupid Ballack.. why’s he have to go and open his stupid mouth

    … sorry misdirecting my hearbreak i’m sure

    • Oka July 8, 06:15

      Hey leave Mr Ballack alone! He is a great player, and if this result means something about him, is that the team is still not complete.
      We are all heartbreaked, yes its trully sad, but just as that, we must aknowledge that we, as fanatics, are part of the Teamgeist, and thus we should support em, more now, when they most need us

  2. Rhea July 7, 23:44

    Sorry to see Germany go out — they’ve played by far the most entertaining football in this tournament. Congratulations on what you’ve done so far, and keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing you play again.

    • Naren, India July 8, 07:39

      Bad Luck Germany. Yes, 6th July was not a Germany’s day. You need to have a Champions Luck to win any tournament, which was not there with Germany in this WC and the same luck favored Spain in all their matches, that’s the reason they are in Finals now and may beat Dutch’s also. I think Loew had done a good job but his substitute selection was wrong. Muller’s absence was also felt in the match which we can not refuse. Yes, I think Lahm should be moved to left back position again and we need a good right back instead. I am sure in the coming years Germany team will be in much much better combined team position and will win Euro 2012 and WC 2014 in Brazil against Brazil in final. Someone rightly said that Mario Gomez is a second division player. In this WC, Germans have shown a different kind Football which has created a lots of Fan for them all over the World and this type of pressing Football will be followed by many country in future. Brazil’s ex-captain Socrates have already said that. Best of Luck Germany for the 2012 and 2014.

  3. Mourad July 8, 00:20

    Very bad technique to defend most of the match. Spain looked suspect on defense but Germany didn’t take any advantage. Was too late to attack starting in the 75th minute!
    Also Mario Gomez was a big mistake to play. He can’t even pass the ball to an unmarked German player toward the end. What a pity. Germany should have been in the Final. When will Germany win the Cup?

  4. mohammed alghayeb July 8, 01:34

    Germany stronger than Spain but they make my head down ,, i was proud to be a big Germany football fan but from i born (1994) i did not see Germany the world champions !!! shame on them ..why they had to defend !! but i love that entertainment football !! i want to see Germany vs Brazil in the final of the world cup 2014 ..!

  5. Chika July 8, 03:31

    Get up ! Let’s get our spirits back ! We Still have one match left. Win this one, show it to the world that we are a strong team ! 🙂
    I’m proud to be your fans, deutsche nationalmannschaft !

  6. nacho July 8, 05:17

    as Spanish and Spanish national team supporter,I must say I am very happy to play for first time ever a world cup final, but I am even prouder to have played a semifinal against Germany. I have never seen such a respectfull team eventhough u did not win today´s match. That´s even more difficult than winning and I hope we learn that from u guys!great coach, great players, great supporters…we will we waiting for your revenge in 2012 eurocup’s final!

  7. Anne July 8, 05:47

    Was expecting Klose, Poldi, or Oezil to step up and fill in Mueller’s absence but obviously, that did not happen. The boys were not in their usual game spirit and sorry to say this but they played as if it wasn’t a semi-finals game. Not just Klose, Poldi, or Oezil but all of them. Something’s wrong…could that be Mueller’s absence or what?

    Sigh. Thought they’re going to survive even without Mueller but guess not. 🙁

    But congratulations to the entire team. Even though they were not able to make it into the finals, I’m still proud of how they played this World Cup. Looking forward for their next games. We got young and skilled players in our team. Full of potential. So if improvements needed to be done on these young players, then let it be done. Shape up these young players for future of Germany winning the World Cup lies on them. Not losing my faith on our boys! 🙂

  8. Dr Kamal July 8, 07:19

    A very dissappointing game played by the German team. Fans all over the world – hoping for a WIN – are shocked at the way the team played in their semi final match against Spain. Is it because they believed in the squids prediction? Whatever it is, the Spaniards had a really tough time to win the game 1-0. Let’s see whether Nederlands can hold them off.

    • Naren, India July 8, 07:52

      Spain has got the Champions Luck this time and they will beat Holland also in the final. I am also a German fan, but it was a bad day for Germans.

  9. Dr Kamal July 8, 07:21

    The Spanish team shouldn’t have won. The Germans could play a better game but they just did not do it from the very beginning. WHY? Why did they play the way they did? Who advised them? Sack the bloody idiot.

  10. VivaDeutschland July 8, 07:45

    I have been a fan of the Mannschaft since 30 years ago…I’ve been through the good and the bad with this team and there is nothing that would’ve made me happier than to see our team in the Final.

    I’m heart broken, but let’s lift our spirits up! Those boys gave us many satisfactions through this World Cup! Let’s remember how they tore England and Argentina apart despite being the “underdogs”. We still have one game to demostrate what we’re made out of…and the best part is that they are a great group of young players that will be in their prime at Brazil 2014! Brazil better watch out because Germany is going for the Cup!

    • Naren, India July 8, 08:05

      Like you, I am also a fan of Germany for last 36 years and I was also with the Germans in their good and bad time. Actually you need a Champions Luck to win any tournament. This time that Luck favored Spain and I am sure they will beat the Holland team in the finals also. But the classical football Germany had shown this time is totally different from any other team and the whole World will follow the same in future.Brazil’s ex-captain Socrates already said that. Good Luck Germany. You will win WC 2014 and Euro 2012.

  11. Y.K.C July 8, 07:57

    People on here saying Spain shouldn’t have won are talking rubbish, they’re a MUCH better team than Germany, and they proved it AGAIN. They ran the show in the Euro 2008 final and last night, and would have won 2-0 if Pedro had passed to Torres like he should have.
    You got off lightly last night.

  12. Y.K.C July 8, 08:02

    Ozil’s eyes look like Kermit the Frog off Sesame Street !

  13. shiby July 8, 08:06

    Germany..don’t be sad..v r really proud f u guys..u played vry well throughout this worldcup..let anyone wins dis worldcup.. bt fr us,u r d real Champions..
    Yesterday’s game.. something..something was lacking..was it d teamspirit or energy?tat i dont know..something ws lacking..am tellin this not to hurt u ok..bt 2 c my germany as d best team always..soo pls take it in tat spirit ok..v know our germany could play much better than this..win or lose,tat doesn’t matter for us..but as a team,v want our germany to be known in dis world,as i said earlier,as d ‘Best Team’ always..v know u guys can do it..soo keep up tat team spirit,unity always..Lov u Germany.. 🙂
    soo..cheer up my champss..prepare hard fr d coming game..nd go go get nd get d 3rd place..our prayers and support wil be there with u always..All d Best.. 🙂

  14. Naren, India July 8, 08:12

    Now at least a Win is important than loosing in the Final, at least the team can go back home with a Win, the 3rd place and all 3 trophies will then go to Europe. Also if Klose can get 2 more goals then another 30 years or so his name will be there in the record book as a German.

  15. Y.K.C July 8, 08:20

    Its gonna be lovely playing in the final, then winning the World cup, when you’re ‘team’ are all back in Germany

    • Mads July 8, 10:56

      What on earth do you mean by your “team” statement? And Germany will probably still be in South Africa on the Sunday, as they have a third place game still to play.

      With an attitude like that, I hope Holland can get past Spains constant passing to win.

      • Y.K.C July 9, 03:50

        Sorry for the ‘team’ comment, and saying It will be lovely to play the final while you are at home (you are right, you will still be in South Africa on Sunday) I meant no offence, I was just annoyed because a couple of fools on here were suggesting that Spain didn’t deserve to win……which they clearly did.
        You have a great young team, who did you proud at this tournament, good luck for the future.

  16. kev July 8, 08:39

    Behind the 13 goals and awesome performances, we forget that the German team is still very young. It is one thing to win games when you are allowed to play your own game, but another entirely to impose your own style on the best in the world, specially when they first run you ragged with good passing and then tap themselves into the lead. Last nights lose simply shows up the inexperience in the German team, but, and this is the gloriously silver lining to the dark clouds of defeat, this team, minus Klose, still has at least two world cups in them. It is a cliche, at this stage in the tournament, to start looking for hope in the future, but this side bubbles with class that waits now only to be complemented by experience. You guys have lit up the world cup and reminded all us supporters of what it feels like to win. You were brought up short at the penultimate hurdle, but this shouldn’t cast a shadow on your ultimate achievement. I mean, come on, when have we ever seen such beautiful exciting football played by our side?

  17. Paul July 8, 09:29

    Spain deserved to win, that is clear. But I want to comment on the mature and generous statement of the German management. It was made in the true spirit of the game and if the players are being taught that, nothing is likely to stop them in the next World Cup. A pity that the English side don’t have a little of that – we might improve.

  18. Mads July 8, 10:49

    The German team has done us proud. Some fantastic displays throughout this World Cup, and they have been a fantastic squad. Getting to the semi-finals at such a young age is a fantastic start. They will go far. As for the idiot above suggesting Jogi Loew should be sacked…he has guided a young and inexperienced team to a semi-final! That’s not grounds to get rid of him, given how everyone had written Germany off even before the World Cup started!

    I hope Holland can now do us proud in the final. And I also hope that Spain will attack a bit more. Their constant passing catches themselves out from time to time.

  19. Jane Chariot July 8, 11:06

    It was the most heartbreaking moment of my life. My heart sank together with the titanic in the atlantic ocean.
    The saddest part of it is that they could have easily dominated the match but they choose not to. They looked helpless most of the time.
    I have seen defeats from the last world cup semi final against Italy and the euro 2008 finals against Spain. I was shattered into a million pieces, again.
    ‘Disappointed’ would be the only word existed in my mind right now.

    I can’t take the pain anymore… I refuse to face it again because I cannot accept the defeat again. I juts can’t accept it. So please take the agony away! I’m begging………….

  20. ilyas July 8, 12:19

    I am a German fan, have been since I was 6 years old. Tonight Spain deserved to win. Germany played really poorly. If they had played like they did against England and Argentina it would have been a much different result. So dissapointed in their lack of spirit. Maybe the next World Cup then…..

  21. gtsein July 8, 15:21

    The reason Germany lost was because they showed too much respect to the Spanish. The entire match was lost in the first twenty minutes. Instead of tackling the Spanish players ball for ball, running, falling, chasing, the Germans stood back, like an opera audience, afraid to dirty their jerseys, waiting. So Spain won the psychological battle early.

    In 1986, when France played Brazil (Brazil had a great team) in the World Cup quarterfinals, the French attacked the Brazilians from the first minute, ball for ball, man to man, they competed against them. In the end, France won ( on penalties).

    Germany will never beat Spain if you allow them to pass and pass. You must break up their pases early, so they are forced to play in the way THEY DON’T LIKE TO. This the Germans did not. I was astonished. They gave the match meekly to the Spanish. The Germans did not compete enough. Even Paraguay, in the quarterfinals, played Spain better.

  22. Bellens Kofi Gideon July 8, 16:22

    Am very proud of the German National Team cos they have made a very big impact in this World Cup.Congratulation to you boys.Long Live German Football.

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