Paul the psychic octopus predicts defeat for Germany

German Football
By German Football July 6, 2010 19:10

Paul the psychic octopus predicts defeat for Germany

Paul has predicted all of Germany’s World Cup results correctly so far, including wins against England and Argentina.

Paul even said that Serbia would beat Germany 1-0 in the group stage.

However, there is still a glimmer of hope for Germany. In all his years of making predictions, the only one Paul has ever got wrong was the Spain v Germany final at Euro 2008.

The octopus opted for Germany but Spain were the victors, winning 1-0.

German fans are now hoping the opposite will happen and by picking Spain to win it will actually be Germany who come out on top.

Such is the popularity that surrounds the octopus the German news channel n-tv actually broadcasted its Germany-Spain prediction live, even having two reporters commentating on it.

The handlers of the psychic octopus at Aquarium Sea Life in Oberhausen encourage Paul to make the predictions by putting mussels into two glass cubes, with each cube having one of the nation’s flags on the front.

The mussel Paul chooses first is taken to be its prediction.

Paul initially went to the Spain-marked container before moving around the tank and then hovered over the German box. But he eventually opted for the European champions.

Paul has become world reknowned, but this good humoured, quirky phenomenon has not been well recieved by everybody.

Following the quarter-final prediction where Paul correctly guessed Argentina would lose to Germany the Argentineans threatened to kill the octopus and put it in a paella.

The newspaper El Dia gave this recipe for anyone daring to capture Paul: “All you need is four normal potatoes, olive oil for taste and a little pepper.”

Argentinan chef Nicolas Bedorrou has suggested on Facebook a far more simplistic and brutal way to cook the octopus.

“We will chase him and put him on some paper. We will then beat him (but correctly!) in order to keep the meat tender and then put it in boiling water.”

German Football
By German Football July 6, 2010 19:10
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  1. Ash July 6, 19:46

    Aww don’t hurt Paul.. he’s only the messenger. I pray he’s gotten his prediction wrong this time though.

  2. enam us shakur July 6, 19:48

    i dont belive this ,,,,my aallah with me and my Germany

  3. enam us shakur July 6, 19:52

    i dont belive belive this.i belive my aallah aallah must help me and my team Germany…..i ish Germany must win the 2010 world cup championship

  4. Joy July 6, 20:47


  5. fanie July 6, 21:21

    who cares about it… it’s still just an octopus… still optimistic that germany will beat spain..

  6. Bella July 6, 22:31

    c’mon you people don’t really believe that an octopus can predict who’s going to win, this is just an OCTOPUS pleaseeeeeee grow up!! 🙂

    • Mads July 6, 23:33

      He has already predicted the results of all Germanys world cup games. Even the loss vs Serbia. That’s why this is big news Bella :p

    • tom July 8, 04:45

      what now?

  7. charbel July 6, 22:50

    Go0o0o GERMANY ! ! !

  8. Anne July 7, 03:16

    I have faith in my team. I have faith in Germany! =)

  9. DrKamal July 7, 03:49

    The road to the final has not yet come to an end; the party will go on. In South Africa, Germany and Malaysia. We are all one team. And we all have a very big goal. Together we can do it! GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL. WE LOVE YOU.

    Dr. Kamal Shah

  10. lola July 7, 04:57

    Cook the octopus, Germany will win !!!
    I love German football team !

  11. achdan July 7, 05:30

    calm down guys..
    thats not Paul, thats SQUIDWARD!!!
    Germany will be the winner!!!

  12. Naren, India July 7, 05:52

    Paul’s prediction during Euro 2008 was 80% correct, so in 7 matches of WC, his prediction will be right in 5.6 = 6 matches. Therefore he is not right for 1 game and that will be the semifinal. So don’t worry Germans, you will win the match and goto Final and face Holland. Good Luck Germany!!

  13. nora July 7, 07:13

    yeah.just believe in our hearts! and the team! Germany will get the title this year.This time Paul didn’t predict the winning team.he picked the one that will lose
    GO GERMANY!God be with you!

  14. mimshad July 7, 07:59

    i Think Paul will Be wrong…the german team have played very well and will win the World cup….

  15. amin July 7, 11:50

    it just an octopus…………the germany player will beat spain…….inshaAllah

  16. kai July 7, 12:35

    i dont think we should follow a stuipid octopus but i think we should jst watch the game and the octopus did get a game wrong…germany and spain lets just hope that he gets this one wrong…

  17. EFC July 7, 15:17

    Sad pricks, its an octopus. Germany 2 spain 3, thats my prediction. and for god sake, learn how to speak english properly.

  18. Mew-mew July 7, 15:17

    Ugh, it’s just an… octopus. o:

    Fingers crossed for Germany! ♥ (:

  19. Sanjay July 7, 17:06

    Germany has a stronger will power and will surely will by the strength of its players, guidance of coach and above all blessing of the almighty

  20. Mel July 7, 17:15

    Germany 4 – 0 Spain. That’s my prediction. Losers. Germany all the way.

  21. goSPAIN July 7, 18:39

    hope he’s right..i placed 100€ bet on spain 😀

    • tom July 8, 04:47

      fuck spain. you guys will have your players for another 4yrs (most), but we will have our players for another decade! we will rule the next decade, starting with euro 2012.

  22. NATHALIA July 7, 23:13

    ACTAPUS I”M GONNA MAKE U BBQ and then trow you in the garbege

  23. NATHALIA July 7, 23:18

    i hate you octopus

  24. Mourad July 8, 00:31

    it’s not about Octopus, it’s about bad coaching not ambitious at all. They played much better against Italy in 2006 and lost. But this one is bad enough that Spanish keeper wasn’t really tested! It’s been 20 years now.
    Will I ever see Germany win again?

  25. tom July 8, 04:44

    let’s fry paul. fuck spain…i hope holland crush the spaniards! this coming from neither german or dutch.

  26. L A Schefer July 8, 10:32

    Well today’s predection shows Holland will win according to the octopus! And we will defeate Spain and justice will be done. Spain won the european title because Holland was defeaten by Russia. This time they have to face us and even the octopus nows there can only be one winner and that’s Holland….Holland…..

  27. Azra July 9, 16:36

    Why are people angry with Paul? He just tells it as he sees it. When bad weather is predicted, do they want to cook the weathermen? C’mon, people, a little common sense please. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    Lighten up, huh? Paul is adorable.

    I think BELLA, (above), takes things too seriously. She needs an attitude adjustment . . . & a sense of humor. This is all just good fun.

  28. ryan July 12, 23:41

    sorry guys Spain won and I won a meal with salad.. Yummy.. No squid ty goergy

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