Maradona worried about Messi fitness

German Football
By German Football July 3, 2010 08:09

Maradona worried about Messi fitness

Argentina coach Diego Maradona has admitted that he is a little worried about star player Lionel Messi but insists that he will not change his team.

Argentina take on Germany in the World Cup quarter-finals on Saturday afternoon in what will be a rematch at the same stage four years ago.

It is expected to be a thrilling and closely contested encounter but doubts on Lionel Messi’s participation emerged on Thursday when it was revealed that the 23-year-old was suffering from cold.

However, Maradona insists that he will field the Barcelona forward against Germany.

“I never had any doubts about the participation of Messi [against Germany], but I am a little worried about him,” Maradona told reporters at the pre-match press conference on Friday evening. “I will not change the team. I respect everyone, but I fear no one.

“I feel very good. I think tomorrow we will play a great game and qualify for the next round.”

When asked about whether Argentina and Germany had benefited from bad refereeing decisions, the 1986 World Cup winner said, “England won the World Cup in 1966 with a goal that wasn’t a goal.”

However, El Diego added, “The referee in the Spain-Portugal game was horrible. Without technology, we will see the same errors repeated that we saw during England-Germany.”

German Football
By German Football July 3, 2010 08:09
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  1. Mustafa July 3, 08:44

    Omg maradona talking about cheating ?!?!?! he is the biggest cheater in the history !! if back at his time the refreeing was good he would be a total looser !! shut up maradona and watch the german team rape ur team

  2. Deek July 4, 10:35

    Come on! every single time. Maradonna is a total douche. He never admits that he sucks like shit. U said the germans suck guess what the raped you guy 4-0000000 suck on that you midget

  3. Geoff July 8, 08:25

    Maradona is a legend, he’s better than any player Germany have ever had.

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