Highlights: Germany vs. Spain

German Football
By German Football July 8, 2010 17:56

Highlights: Germany vs. Spain

Highlights from Germany’s semi-final loss to Spain. Watching it again might give you more insight as to why Germany lost the game.

German Football
By German Football July 8, 2010 17:56
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  1. Dr Kamal July 10, 03:55

    Wrong tactics? Wrong strategy? Weak attacking force? Bad passing? Lack of spirit? Lack of teamwork? From the beginning of the game, the team had no spirit, they did not play well. Fans disappointed at the way they played.

  2. Naren Mukherjee, India July 10, 07:09

    I really do not know, why Germans have played like that in Semis. But I am sure some other issue like baiting was involved or not. FIFA or German Team Officials can try to find that out. They way people are interested to know the news of Octopus Paul regarding the results of Germany game, the question therefore arises in my mind also. Any way good luck for German again for the 3rd place match. I hope they win in the game and Klose or Muller can create some records.

  3. gtsein July 10, 16:34


    Germany lost to Spain not because the Spanish team was unbeatable ( Switzerland beat them, and Paraguay almost beat them), but because Germany showed too much respect to Spain.

    Germany should have tackled the Spanish hard from kick off, man for man, ball for ball. The players should have harassed vigorously, scrambled, competed.This would have broken up the Spanish passing pattern early on and forced them to play in a way they don’t like and given them the message “We won’t let you play the way you like.” Instead, the Germans stood watching, as though mesmerized, and interrupted the Spanish only when a clear danger arose.

    The rationale behind the Spanish passing is not necessarily to score goals. It is to mesmerize and drive the opponents to despair. This is the typical way Spain imposes itself on the opposition. In that respect, Germany played into Spanish hands easily. So much playing time was given to the Spanish so unnecessarily – precious time that Germany could have used for their skilled offensive play. The “feeling to score” must be cultivated from the start of a game. You cannot develop that feeling in the later stages of the game, when you are a goal or two down, and starting to feel desperate. Inspiration, rather than desperation creates goals!

    So Germany lost a game they could have won. Of course, the young Thomas Mueller would have made the offence more creative and potent. But still, Germany created its own downfall by an anaemic approach.

    Let us go back to 1986 World Cup quarter finals for an example. The match up between France and Brazil. Brazil had been so dominant, and took for granted that their opponents would show them respect. But France, with Rochetaeau, Platini, etc, did not show the Brazilians any respect. They ran upto each Brazilian move and tackled, harassed and competed. The Brazilians were completely thrown off their game and eventually lost. Had France given Brazil time to play their own game, Brazil would have rolled over France.

    These are my thoughts. And I hope Germany wll adopt different tactics when they play Spain (or Brazil) the next time!

    Good luck!

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