Highlights: Germany vs. Argentina

German Football
By German Football July 4, 2010 05:55

Highlights: Germany vs. Argentina

If you missed Germany’s game today, you probably missed one of the best games of the 2010 World Cup so far.

But as a consolation, here are the highlights of how Germany demolished Argentina 4-0 today.

For those of you who caught the game, there’s no harm in watching all the great goals again right?

German Football
By German Football July 4, 2010 05:55
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  1. Pendergast July 4, 06:22

    This was so beautiful to watch. I love LOVE this young team so much. Its an absolute shame that Thomas Mueller will miss the semi final though. Hopefully it won’t hurt the team like when Torsten Frings got suspended against Italy at the last World Cup. But for now- FOUR past Argentina, just brilliant *cheers*

  2. CN July 4, 06:45

    Is there a website that replays the entire matches?

  3. Federico July 4, 09:21

    Superb. Excellent team work gave that result, continue like this DFB and we will see more glories!!

  4. Joy July 4, 10:03

    Ya..we destroyd them

  5. Rena from AZ July 4, 14:08

    wonderful great German team what for game thanks and God bless in the future you deserve the worldcup 2010

  6. Angelia July 4, 14:12

    Go Germany, what for Game πŸ™‚ good job, congratulation you are the best…..
    also for the next games
    God bless and all will be well in HIM ,

  7. shiby July 4, 14:55

    v r proud of u guys…nd really grateful 2 God fr givin u dis wonderful victory..v wish all d very best fr d comin game..pls dont consider it as simple..practice well n play ur best..tat is, with d same spirit with which u played in last games..no need 2 b under pressure.. our prayers n support wil b there with u guys always..u do ur part..nd God wil take care f d rest..lov u..May God bless u..[:)]

  8. Layla Ahmed July 4, 17:23

    one of the BEST matches I’ve ever seen… SUPER DEUTSCHLAND πŸ™‚ WORLD CUP 2010 GERMANY is COMING to take u HOOOOMMMMME πŸ™‚

  9. Tina Bailey July 5, 10:51

    So much talent, so much team spirit, such utter brilliance! x

  10. vani July 5, 20:42

    awesome game awesome team:))have been a german football team fan for about 5 years now and I believe this young squad is probably one of the best ever:)they’re soo energetic and vibrant and you can feel the youth in their game:)I reay really hope Germany wins the world cup this year coz they’re the ones who have earned it:)come on lets get to the finals:))Ich liebe Deutschland <3

  11. hi July 5, 20:57


  12. sukhoi July 6, 08:00

    CN – just go to http://www.espn3.com for replays of the whole match.

  13. Kulkul July 6, 15:23

    That was a marverlous winning pls i want to know who is that lady puting on red that they were showing whenever germany score a goal

  14. Far Eastern Boy July 6, 16:40

    That lady in red is Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor (a position similar to other country’s Prime Minister, Hitler also was a German Chancellor)

  15. Far Eastern Boy July 6, 16:44

    Im glad that I didnt miss this game

    The Germans have a wonderful teamwork and powerful moves, I believe they will win this WC edition

    -A German die hard fan from Malaysia (since 1990) –

  16. hemanth October 11, 11:07

    it was outstanding performance by germans

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