World Cup 2006: Germany vs. Argentina

German Football
By German Football June 30, 2010 07:10

World Cup 2006: Germany vs. Argentina

Here’s a reminder of what happened during the last meeting between Germany and Argentina at the 2006 World Cup quarterfinals:

The two most crucial moments of the game:

Klose’s equaliser (German commentary)

Penalty shoot-out (English commentary)

Penalty shoot-out (German commentary)

German Football
By German Football June 30, 2010 07:10
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  1. Roxy June 30, 22:47

    I love both teams purely because they are great when they knock out england so no comment for me on this one 🙁

  2. kakugha Wotsa July 1, 17:13

    Hi Cheers…
    I have seen many fantastic team in the globe however non of them are like team Argentina. Accurate in their size, Accurate in their Hights & Accurate in their skills. They have wonderful & fabulous strikers. Decades ago we have seen Deigo Maradona, Ortiga, Kenijae, Batistuta, Requelme, Soren & many more…
    Now the star of the Mellenium is known other than Messi. Lionel. Lets all cheer for Agentina.

    Fans from Nagaland
    North-East of India

  3. prakash chettri July 1, 23:24

    yah, Argentina is the best of the best and lionel messi is no.1 player in the world at present. There is no team like Argentina, which is always the best for me.

    prakash chettri
    west sikkim

  4. green alien July 3, 07:24

    go germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    argentina i go for second

  5. mike July 3, 15:11

    I’m supporting Germany for this one, even though they knocked England out. If you want to know the true character of an Argentine, watch the reaction of the Argentina players after they lost this match.

    • Sabrina July 5, 07:50

      Oh… that’s complete BS, sorry to tell you!
      I am argentinian and when the match finished I was so FUCKING PROUD OF MY TEAM THAT I CRIED MY EYES OUT… but you wouldn’t see me beating any germans…

      You shouldn’t put us all in one huge bag. I said: “ARGENTINA PLAYED GOOD, but the luck went with the Germans and the played better”

      Good luck!

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