Löw sweats on fitness of squad

German Football
By German Football June 24, 2010 06:41

Löw sweats on fitness of squad

It seems like the last group game has taken its toll on the German team.

Early indications show that  Germany star Bastian Schweinsteiger will miss out on the World Cup knockout round clash with England with a thigh injury.

The Bayern Munich midfielder hobbled off with ten minutes left of the Bavarians’ 1-0 win over Ghana on Wednesday and refused to talk to the press after the game, instead having a meeting with doctors and coach Joachim Löw.

With the England game just four days away it looks like the playmaker could miss out, while team-mates Mesut Özil and Jerome Boateng also picked up knocks.

“We have a few problems,’ admitted Löw in his post-match press conference. “Boateng is struggling with a back problem, Oezil has turned an ankle and Bastian has a thigh injury.”

“I don’t know how serious it is yet”, he added, referring to Schweinsteiger’s injury. “I hope that his injury clears up in the coming days. If Schweinsteiger can’t play, which I hope isn’t the case, it would be a serious blow for us.”

A German side without Schweinsteiger’s calm influence and clever passing is almost inconceivable. Since the team lost half a dozen central midfielders to injury this year, Löw doesn’t exactly have many options for the center of the pitch.

Rookie Toni Kroos, more of a play-maker than a holding midfielder, might have to come in, or Jerome Boateng could move up from the left-back spot. Neither of them would inspire too much confidence against England on Sunday, however.

At least striker Miroslav Klose should be back in the starting lineup following his red card suspension against Ghana.

German Football
By German Football June 24, 2010 06:41
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  1. Jane Chariot June 24, 13:11

    Why? Why? Why? Why must be Schweinsteiger??????????!!!!!!!
    Please be ok before the England match…

  2. mat smith June 24, 15:36

    german are crap so give up the cup or we will take it by fous

    • ger June 24, 17:31

      @mat smith

      the definition of crap includes your grasp of spelling AND grammar.

      (wo-wee double whammy!)

      Go away and get a life.

    • Ash June 24, 19:08

      uhh.. technically Italy are the reigning world champions so exactly what are you talking about?

  3. Mads June 24, 16:02

    @ mat smith

    What the hell is “fous”?

    And, if you want the World Cup, you actually have to take it from the Italians. Germany aren’t crap, and neither are England. Why don’t you go and grow up.

  4. Mashnur Rashid June 24, 19:27

    plzz be get well soon ….schweinsteiger…we are praying…

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