Löw proud of German heroes

German Football
By German Football June 28, 2010 06:36

Löw proud of German heroes

Germany coach Joachim Löw paid tribute to his young side after they thumped England 4-1 to reach the World Cup quarter finals.

Löw hailed his side’s domination of their more experienced opponents as two goals from Thomas Muller and one apiece for Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski powered Germany towards a last eight meeting with Argentina.

After the match, a jubilant Löw told reporters: “It is a great achievement for our young team to dominate such an experienced English team in such a way.

“It was fun to watch there. We have managed to expose England’s defence. Today we played with conviction and courage.”

Löw also revealed the tactics he used to exploit England’s weaknesses. “We knew that the midfielders – Gerrard and Lampard – always support the forwards and that their midfield would be open,” he said. “We knew there would be spaces.

“Our objective was to set Terry up with Klose to force him to come out of the defence. We knew the full-backs would be very much to the side, and that would create space that we could penetrate. We could have been 3-0 up in the first half because we did penetrate them.

“We knew that we would have to try and tackle the English early on in midfield and take away any space they would have beyond midfield. We knew they might become impatient and lose their discipline. We did that successfully, but Fabio Capello is very experienced and extremely knowledgeable. I bow down to him.”

Germany’s midfield linchpin Bastian Schweinsteiger said: “I am very proud of this team. We played very well for 90 minutes. We are a good team that still has room for improvement.”

German chancellor Angela Merkel wasted no time in offering her congratulations to the national side. She said: “It was a great game and a great victory. I am still very moved. The team can only be congratulated. I can only say: ‘Keep it up’.”

Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer admitted Frank Lampard’s seemingly legitimate goal “was close”, and appeared to acknowledge that Germany were fortunate to escape conceding an equaliser.

“I tried not to react to the referee and just concentrate on what was happening – it was difficult,” Neuer said. “I knew it was close.

“Then I saw it on the television in the doping control office and what actually happened. I knew it was tight – probably about two metres!”

German Football
By German Football June 28, 2010 06:36
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  1. Roxy June 28, 08:32

    WELL DONE GERMANY!!!!! I am asian and am fed up hearing the english media go on about 1966, they go around ripping countries and cultures apart, rob other countries from their wealth, but I never knew england disallowed a German goal back in 1966 to win the cup. Thank you Ozil (who is my favourite player god he’s so cute) thank you Podolski you were wonderful and thank you Muller and of course the German goalie for your outstanding performance at saving the goal.

    You all played that well you have every right to laugh at the england football team from now on.

  2. Hab June 28, 13:26

    I am south asian and i loved GERMANS whipping England out of world cup. Long live Germany!

  3. Roxy June 28, 22:10

    Someone had to whip the english backside and who better than Germany? I have supported the German team for so long now and will keep on supporting them if they continue to play like this. I hope these comments are passed onto the German team they need to know that outside of Germany they have alot of fans.

    May Germany go from strength to strength we are fed up of hearing about why england deserve to win the world cup they always make themselves out to be the good guys but exert racism on the streets of Britain when they play in the tournament. I can not tell you how many times I have witnessed racism and damage to asian properties over this.

  4. Roxy June 28, 22:12

    I will laugh with the Germans and put their flag in my bedroom long live Germany and the team!

  5. Lex June 29, 15:58

    People are saying if only lampard’s goal is counted etc. but the fact is, german will still wins over england.
    Just take the fact for granted.
    I’m asian an a loyal german supporter. They don’t have a celebrity in their squad but surely have a great teamwork aside their outstanding individual skill.
    Keep up the good work until the final 🙂

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