Lahm confident ahead of Ghana ‘final’

German Football
By German Football June 19, 2010 05:58

Lahm confident ahead of Ghana ‘final’

Germany captain Philipp Lahm has admitted he is still confident that Joachim Loew’s side can qualify for the second round of the World Cup despite their 1-0 defeat to Serbia on Friday.

“There is still something positive, we still have the chance to reach the next round,” the German skipper explained. “Now we have a ‘final’ against Ghana, but we’ll be well prepared for this and I’m sure we’ll cope with the setback. We also played well after the two yellows to Klose. We had our chances to score and that makes me optimistic.”

The Bayern Munich full-back was also critical of referee Alberto Undiano Mallenco, who issued seven yellow cards and one red during the match, and revealed he couldn’t understand why Klose was sent off.

“I did not expect that a performance from the referee could be like this,” Lahm added. “We didn’t expect that a player could get sent off after three fouls in midfield. The mood in our camp is not very good at the moment. But now the experienced players have to encourage the younger players. We are a team that can score. We are a team that can fight. So I’m still confident.”

Germany face Ghana in their final World Cup Group D match on Wednesday knowing that a win will secure their path into the second round.

German Football
By German Football June 19, 2010 05:58
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  1. haji June 19, 06:58

    For God sake, no more stupid moves like taking out Ozil and Muller, we v seen how rotten coaches can bring down teams of great players, Podolski should stay on the bench, he is selfish and unefficient

  2. jmith June 19, 08:09

    Well i questioned about the substitution as well… but saying podolski is selfish n unefficient is a bit harsh since he brings the goals.

  3. Tandra Chakma June 19, 08:29

    Make us happy please. Cheer up my dear German team and make us happy. Waiting good performance from your side.

  4. Ash June 19, 15:58

    Ozil and Mueller were necessary substitutions lest that trigger happy ref terrorized them even more. We already ran the risk of crashing out in the group stages so I’m thinking Low was trying to salvage as many players as he could. Podolski is neither selfish nor inefficient. He had a tough game yesterday and it was clear he tried his best to make up for the saved penalty. I wouldn’t drop him at all.

  5. shiby June 19, 16:27 ur best game evrytime..our prayers n support will be there with u alwayss…cheer up..u r d bestt..

  6. haji June 19, 16:28

    Mark my words, if Leo keeps doing what he is doing with the team, we will most likely be knocked out of this soon, Leo, just like his former boss Kleinsman, doesn’t know how to get the most out of his players, again, let Podolski smile for the camera ON THE BENCH and put Marin in

  7. eVe June 19, 17:55

    Germany, please be strong. Rise again. Just like Lahm said, you are a team that can score! you are a team that can fight!
    Move on sweethearts!!!
    Your fans here supporting for you guys.
    We will see you on final match.
    Promise us!

  8. wajdi June 20, 00:25

    please for the next worldcup get otmar hetsfild to train the german

  9. wajdi June 20, 00:30

    i don’t know why he get the best players out and left bodolski ,,,,,next time get marin and kebling ,mueller,ozil,so we can win against ghana… son got sick because of loww….

  10. GHANABA(SON OF GHANA) June 20, 09:22


  11. Bellens Kofi Gideon June 20, 23:39

    Ghanaba,what a cheap joke by you.I dont blame you.Its because you lack better players.You couldnt even beat a 10man Australian Team.Kevin is NO match to our midfield!

  12. kuheli chatterjee June 21, 09:13


  13. Paul John Ruginhine June 21, 09:30

    I do hope that the German team will gather enough courage to be able to overcome the oncoming hurdle against Ghana . I am sure that they can prevail if they work as a team and follow an aggressive football match , but at the same time keep control of the game !

  14. Natalie Morris June 22, 17:58

    i think we need the goal scorers from our Australian game on the field for this final qualifier. We the fans need to provide all the encourgement for our team. Ghana has only won goals by penalty, they are not a good team. We are great…Go Germany, World Cup Champions…waka waka!

  15. Joy June 23, 00:17

    Yeah…go n win it…lots of ppl r cheering 4 u..even we indians..make both attack n defense str0nger…4 tmrws match podoloski,swenstigr,lahm,muller,cacau,ozil is must

  16. nkkt June 24, 14:07

    Ghana is really a strong took the germans over an hour to score one goal.go ghana!!!

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