Highlights: Germany vs. England

German Football
By German Football June 28, 2010 02:38

Highlights: Germany vs. England

Unless you were on another planet, you would have heard by now that Germany thrashed England 4-1 in the World Cup round of 16 game.

Here are the highlights from that game, including the controversial no-goal for England. Relive how the clinical Germans blew England’s lackluster players away.

German Football
By German Football June 28, 2010 02:38
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  1. kody June 28, 13:04

    i think the referee was biased because the goal that wasnt counted for england should of and germany are a rubbisg team and i am never going to talk about germany again. the REFEREE IS BIASED AND A GERMAN HOGGER

    • Karl June 28, 15:09


    • graceyness June 28, 19:34

      okay england it is 4-2.. happy? get a life! goooo die mannnschaft!

      • Roxy June 29, 23:23

        Well said!

        Germany showed england what they were made of and forced the english to put their little tails between their legs and run like little girls ha ha ha!

        So now we know the truth back in 1966, even back then, england would never have won the World Cup it should have gone to Germany instead the english cheated and the english media has kept that hidden. Trust me I was born in the UK and only just found this out they are lying cheating **** bags and deserved what they got from Germany on Sunday.

        They have no right to talk about ’40 years of hurt’ I think that was Germany’s 40 years of hurt!!!

  2. Sabine June 28, 23:28

    The Wembley ghost returned and took vengeance for 1966.

  3. Aleksei June 29, 20:04

    If I’m British I would only be angry about the uncounted goal if it would to set a verdict.

    So if it’s “Germany 4-2 England” that still doesn’t really change any thing.

    Aleksei from Russia 😉

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