10-men Germany upset by Serbia

German Football
By German Football June 18, 2010 15:31

10-men Germany upset by Serbia

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Germany received a major set-back by losing 1-0 to Serbia in Port Elizabeth on Friday. Milan Jovanovic scored the decisive goal for Serbia in the 38th minute, which registered their first win in their first World Cup as an independent nation.

The team of Joachim Löw had to overcome the suspension of Miroslav Klose, who was ejected by Spanish referee Alberto Undiano after his second foul in the 37th minute.

Germany plays Ghana in a battle for the ticket to the round of sixteen, when they meet in their final group-stage-game on Wednesday. On Saturday, Ghana plays Australia.

“We had our difficulties getting into the game and did not control the pace the way, we had hoped for”, said Löw. “In the second half, the team fought back and showed character.”

Löw had fielded the same team as in the German opener, a 4-0-win over Australia, with Miroslav Klose as his forward and the youngsters Thomas Müller and Holger Badstuber. Bastian Schweinsteiger recovered from his cold in time, which had kept him out of practice during the week.

Just as the team was still trying to come to terms with Klose’s sending off, Serbia struck. One minute following the red card for Miroslav Klose, Serbia’s Milan Jovanovic scored for Serbia, with an assist by Nikola Zigic.

After conceding the goal, Germany began mounting a comeback. Despite being a man down, they fought to create chances to tie the game. The closest they came was when Sami Khedira hit the crossbar in the final seconds of the first half.

The second half commenced with two huge scoring opportunities for Lukas Podolski. When Nemanja Vidic touched the ball with his extended right arm, it was Podolski, who tried to convert the penalty. But Serbian goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic saved the shot aimed for the right corner.

The penalty was only Germany’s second ever miss in the history of their World Cup games.

Löw tried everything to add a spark, substituting Cacau for Özil, Marko Marin for Müller and Mario Gomez for Badstuber – but to no avail.

This is Germany’s first group stage loss since 1986. Germany now have to win the next game to ensure that they qualify for the knockout stage of the World Cup.

German Football
By German Football June 18, 2010 15:31
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  1. pepe June 18, 17:57

    don’t worry,,
    the strong one doesn’t win,
    the one that wins is strong…
    just, try the best next time,,,
    we expect u to bring that trophy home..

  2. Naren Mukherjee, Kolkata, India June 18, 18:17

    Germany played well but they could not converted the Goal which was required to win any match. Podolski should not have taken the penalty. It should have been taken by Lahm or Bastian. Khedira is a flop player.

  3. القيصر June 18, 21:25

    They must work hard on sunday and play calm football not to be in hurry there is 90 min.
    Plz German win for the fans plz we don’t to return to Germany early,

  4. yes June 19, 01:21

    Germany loose because they don’t know how to score. A question for you german fans…how would you win against others teams?

  5. olga June 19, 11:36

    It’s just the matter of luck!
    I really look this as a lesson so they wouldn’t do the same mistake and win the final!
    Proud to see them fighting till the whistle blow
    Really love this team! ♥ I wish germany win this cup from 2002!☺

  6. gtsein June 19, 16:25

    Lukas Podolski is an unorthodox player. He has a poweful kick, but he is what I call ‘an instinctual striker’ of the ball, not a thoughtful, seeing one, who uses his intelligence. In the semi final against Italy four years ago, he had chances to score,and he missed them all. He never really thinks before striking the ball. That is why he muffs many chances – and yesterday against Serbia, it proved costly.

  7. rose June 21, 20:46

    we had 2 have a lucky dip of witch football team we have 2 do about and my lucky dip was germany but i wanted England but cameron in our class got England but it dosn’t matter.

  8. rose June 21, 20:51

    i meant we had 2 do about it

  9. Unknown June 22, 12:31

    Germany will win, this yeam don’t give up till the end, they have to win Ghana.. And like every body knows, Ghana’s world ranking is 38 and Australia’s 20 And Germany 6 so we have and will win them 😉

  10. khaled July 4, 14:10


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