Germany tear apart England 4-1

German Football
By German Football June 27, 2010 18:07

Germany tear apart England 4-1

Germany inflicted England’s worst World Cup finals defeat ever on Sunday after a 4-1 victory in their round of 16 game.

Germany’s superior movement and ruthless finishing made them worthy winners on an afternoon when England’s defending was shockingly inept and their talisman, Wayne Rooney, once again failed to deliver on the game’s biggest stage.

But there is no saying what would have happened if England had not been denied a goal that would have levelled the match at 2-2 just before half-time, when a Frank Lampard shot bounced off the underside of the bar and landed a yard over the goal-line. Matthew Upson had just headed England back into the match after Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski had given Germany a two-goal advantage.

Two second-half goals for Thomas Mueller enabled the Germans to run up their most convincing win against their rivals. They were both scored on the counter-attack as England sought an equaliser.

Germany coach Joachim Loew, whose side next face either Argentina or Mexico, revealed he ordered his side at the interval to keep pushing. “I said to my team at the half-time break, we need to try and score the third goal. We knew we could hit England on the counter-attack because they were open. Our players carried it off brilliantly,” he said.

Two-goal Mueller was already anticipating a deeper run into the tournament. “Now anything is possible, even if there is a tough nut waiting for us. But that doesn’t matter, we just have to clean the way. This result is madness,” he said.

Klose was delighted with his team’s efforts. “We were aggressive from the first minute, unlike in the Ghana game (which Germany won 1-0). The win was highly deserved,” said Klose. “We have always said our goal is the semi-finals at least. That’s what we want to reach.”

England’s vulnerability at the back had been exposed early on and, after goalkeeper David James had denied Mueller, Klose exploited it to get on the end of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer’s upfield punt to give Germany the lead. John Terry allowed the ball to fly over his head and Klose outmuscled and outpaced Upson before flicking the ball past James with the outside of his boot.

Mueller did the damage for Germany’s second. Taking Klose’s first-time pass, the Bayern Munich midfielder broke into the box before switching the ball to Podolski, who beat James at his near post from a tight angle.

Neuer pulled off a superb reflex save at close range to prevent Lampard finishing off James Milner’s low cross just before Upson gave England a lifeline.

Lampard himself came agonisingly close to an equaliser seven minutes after the restart, hammering a free-kick from nearly 40 yards against the bar with Neuer struggling to cover.

Germany now move on to the quarterfinals to face the winner of Argentina vs. Mexico.

German Football
By German Football June 27, 2010 18:07
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  1. Rohit Kashyap Vattipalli June 27, 18:13

    That was just awesome!! Germany “Klose”ing England’s tour in South Africa..

    Great going guys! Wishing you all the best for winning the title..

  2. Naren June 27, 18:30

    Superb performance by Germany…Keep it up…we will beat Argentina on 2/7/10 and we will be the winner this year, which I said before starting the WC 2010.

  3. Prashanta June 27, 18:36

    Bad luck continues to hit England hard. Denied a legitimate goal which cud hv taken a different turn..

    • Amrit June 27, 20:52

      Prolly..the good luck of England ended in 1966 only

      • Roxy June 29, 23:32

        What luck? They cheated the ball did not go over the goal line it was given for free. Goes to show even back then it would have been Germany’s and we have had to listen to it all these years ‘back in 1966’, ‘our brave boys’, ‘we beat the Germans’ blah and bloody blah. Just look at the brave men of the German team just look at those photo’s they show you talent and a team bonded well I hope they beat Ingurlund in 2012 in the Euro Cup too!

  4. Dr Kamal June 27, 18:52



  5. Giovanni June 27, 19:09

    Just keep the Faith.. !!! Well done !!!!!!

  6. ozilfan June 27, 19:37

    stop bringing up the war! This is about football! Not history! And the English aren’t so great either history wise -invaded any country you could and then ripped away whole cultures and I’m sorry who was a major part of the slave trade?!
    I’m English, and I love my country but this is about football : and this german team is absolutely amazing , as for that one goal -that’s just revenge for that no goal in ’66

    • gaz June 28, 11:45

      Who mentioned the war?
      Im also English and want to congratulate the Germans on an amazing win, The English squad should have gone home before the second game.
      Fabio is Italian and doesnt understand the pride behind the badge to sacrifice older players for younger.
      I’m not making excuses for the shambolic football England took to South Africa but maybe the second half would have been different had the second goal been given.

      Gut Gemachten Deutschland!

  7. ozilfan June 27, 19:39

    That one goal wouldn’t made no difference whatsoeve anyway. Germany wouldn’t still won, stop making excuses

  8. Joy June 27, 19:41

    Well done germany …u fullfilld our hopez n dream…dat was just an awsum match…nw crash argentina in nxt match like u did to england…go germany go…special thnx klose,podolski,muller

  9. Rohit B June 27, 20:09

    Well Done! Full Credits! always Soar Ahead!
    I am an Indian but a German Fanatic!When it comes to Football its my First Country!

  10. David McAllister June 27, 21:18

    Well done Germany on beating England. Let’s see you win the competition now.

    David from Scotland, UK.

  11. Federico June 27, 22:42

    Now is time to prepare for the next match. Come on Germany I have faith on you..It is your moment of truth and show the world our proud!!!

  12. Bellens Kofi Gideon June 27, 23:57

    We dont play soccer with big off form naes like Rooney,Gerrard ,Lampard etc. Am really proud of you.Go Germany!!!!!

  13. Miranda Indra June 28, 00:04

    I became germany loyal fans since 1990 when Germany became the champion. My father & my brother are also the loyal fans. We’re so happy to see Germany go to quarterfinals, we hope Germany can win against Argentina. Good luck Der Panzer. 🙂

  14. A. Alfazza June 28, 01:21

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh my dream team, realy we are proud of you, and supplicants to God at all to see you win the world cup and put the 4th star on your T-shirt

  15. ahmed June 28, 01:25

    i’m egyptian and i adore the german team so much,and the cup is german isa

  16. fitriTERRA June 28, 08:14

    yesss…you make it guys!!! next Argentina.. don’t let the junkie cheatting Maradona tear you apart… GO DER PANZER!!!

  17. Roxy June 28, 08:35

    Well Done Germany THANK YOU to all the team for humiliating Ingurlund in front of the world to see. Thank you Podolski, Mueller and Ozil you all performed as gods recently I thought you would lose but you showed your real talent and I have been a supporter since the day of Klinsman keep up this performance and you win in the Euro Cup against Ingurlund in two years time too! WELL DONE keep it up! Love you Podolski and Ozil X

  18. lea June 28, 09:25


  19. Namratha Saldanha June 28, 12:40

    The Match was great……..Well done Germany! Cheers!

  20. Ruman June 28, 12:57

    win the final

  21. Hab June 28, 13:30

    GERMANS RULE! Englands arrogance nipped in the bud.
    Loved watching England lose cuz losers always lose.
    GERMANY on top of the world..

    • Roxy June 28, 22:23

      Just look at the last picture of them hugging each other doesn’t it look lovely and charming what classy men out playing, out classing and out performing the under performers….Ingurlund!!!

  22. hoza June 28, 14:23

    it was awesome the English do not know what struck them. keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppp it uppppppppp. great things are still to come.

  23. anastasha June 28, 20:45

    deutschland uber alles!! make it 4 – 0 next round with argentina

  24. anastasha June 28, 20:46

    good luck Der Panzer <3

  25. Roxy June 28, 22:14

    I love Brazil, Argentina and Germany anyone who takes out england are worshipped in my book. Shame Germany are playing Argentina because teams are disliked by the english. I hope they get on and not cause any disruption to each other they should be friends.

  26. Roxy June 28, 22:21

    In england they are making laws against non english speaking immigrants coming over. Fabio Capello’s english is useless he needs a translater, the english allowed him to run THEIR football team what hypocrites do things to suit themselves. They are against the Argentines for the Falklands and are very arrogant in that they are best in the world no at everything.

    If Germany had not whipped their arrogant **** Argentina certainly would have ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I love you Germany love you Ozil and Germany well done for showing your real talent. You have so many fans outside of Germany particularly in asian countries for what the english did to us!!! Best of luck to you xxx

  27. Roxy June 28, 22:25

    Thomas Mueller….B.E.A.U.TIFUL goal shooting what great photo’s where can I get them signed???

  28. Roxy June 28, 22:30

    Germany bent england over the barrel and took them up their **** LOL!!!!

  29. shirshendu July 3, 07:09

    today surely German brigate will win the match against ARG. and after that we will find the world cup . best of luck lahm

  30. nishant July 4, 11:59

    germany is the best. what they did with argentina yesterday was amazing. they will surely beat spain next. germany will win the cup and show the world that the game they play is the best.

  31. jemima July 6, 14:42

    i think germany RULE and they are so awseome

  32. mary July 10, 15:31

    I’m not even german but i love ur team more than mine haha. You are all so so so hot! especially Thomas Mueller and Klose 🙂 x

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