Germans eager to tame vibrant Messi

German Football
By German Football June 29, 2010 03:15

Germans eager to tame vibrant Messi

Less than 24 hours after their stunning 4-1 win over England, Germany were already planning for Saturday’s World Cup quarter-final against Argentina – and how to contain Lionel Messi.

They take on Diego Maradona’s Argentina in Cape Town on Saturday and according to midfielder Sami Khedira, the key will be to contain Messi, the world footballer of the year and Argentina’s talisman.

“Messi is a difficult player to play against, if not the best in the world, there is no way one player can keep him at bay for the full 90 minutes,” he said after Messi helped his side to a 3-1 win over Mexico in their last 16 match.

“It will be a team effort and we may have to put several players on him. Having said that we have nothing to fear and we have a good chance of beating Argentina.”

Veteran German striker Miroslav Klose, who scored his 50th goal on his 99th appearance for the national side against England, said the young side are reaping the rewards from playing as a unit.

“If you look at the two sides, you have to say Argentina look stronger on paper, but the same went for England, they were better known and are more famous than us, but that wasn’t reflected on the pitch,” said the 32-year-old.

“We were compact and have proven again that we are a ‘tournament team’ and we can raise our game. Argentina are a class up from England, but we can hurt them with our tactics and we have to believe in ourselves.”

The game is already being touted as a revenge match for Argentina who lost 4-2 on penalties to Germany at the quarter-final stage four years ago at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium.

Klose scored the 80th-minute equaliser to make it 1-1 after 90 minutes, but says he has yet to discuss the game with the squad’s younger players.

“Not yet, it is early days, but many players followed the World Cup in Germany,” said Klose. “We have heard all these comments that Argentina are dying to beat us and see this as a revenge match. But this team should be able to hold their own against Argentina.

“It is hard to compare, I think a whole lot has happened in their team since then. Messi was on the bench in 2006, (Real Madrid’s Gonzalo) Higuain had just come into the team.”

The current Germany team has an average age of just under 25, but Klose says the experience gained by rising stars like 20-year-old Mueller and 21-year-old Khedira will only put them in good step.

Germany – who as West Germany appeared in two successive finals against Argentina and present coach Diego Maradona when he was a player losing in 1986 and then beating the South Americans in 1990 – are bidding to win their fourth World Cup and last appeared in the final in 2002 where they lost to Brazi.

“In 2002, we had a very mature side, this time we have a really young squad, but I am happy for them as this all adds a wealth of knowledge to their CV,” said the Bayern Munich star. “They will still be active in eight years time, they can only learn from this.”

German Football
By German Football June 29, 2010 03:15
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  1. Sabrina June 29, 03:58

    That’s fair. Although Germans are a great opponent (I mean it, let’s face it, they are competition)I think that Argentina has a GREAT chance of winning. Like Germany, we can score with pretty much all of our team members. And let’s not forget, on the last one, we even the scores and had to go to one on one goals.
    As an argentinian, I DO HOPE AND BELIEVE WE WILL WIN, but as usual, luck and strategy are huge components. Anything can happend.

    Greeting and let the best team win!

    • MUSA June 29, 10:18

      Germans are always best. Specially they have shown their best performance against Argentina all the time. Wish all the best to my team….. Germany.

      Though we haven’t Ballack…. but still we are capable to do our best performance.

  2. Gretchen June 29, 04:05

    I’m going to have to agree with Sabrina’s comment here. I would love to see the German team advance but I think Argentina has the better chance at winning the game come Saturday. But the football is round so anything can and will happen. Good luck to both teams!

  3. Yenni June 29, 06:55

    well i completely agreed to what Klose said, Germany team full of youngsters and many people just underestimated their experience, but look how they played versus England it was all enough to prove people wrong about them. I credit Joachim Low about the strategy and how he gave chances to the youngsters it made all the players play out of their comfy zone. i thinks its about readiness to take a chance and give a best shot to it. Just may the best win.

  4. Mads June 29, 10:22

    This really is going to be a fantastic game. I think both teams have a very good chance of scoring goals and winning. Argentina have a fantastic attacking force, as to Germany! Will be fantastic, and may the best team win. If Germany go out at this stage, I think they can still be proud of their achievement, for such a young team, they are playing fantastically.

  5. Joy June 29, 11:47

    Hey germans…there is no need to fear messi…hes n0t only da hope of argentina..besids we beaten argentina several timez…we have strnth…with this strenth n spirit we can beat argentina…i think sami khedira & philip lahm n swenstieger will b en0ugh to hold messi…n klose,podolski,muller,cacau,ozil will be on attack side against tevej,higuin,veron,aguero..n besides our goal keeper neurer much practise a lot..guys if we can beat argentina…then therez hope to beat brazil n get world cup…all d bst wishes 4 u u..i m supprtr of germany when i m a 4 yearz old kid!!

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