England cry foul over German advantage

German Football
By German Football June 15, 2010 05:23

England cry foul over German advantage

England's Jamie Carragher claims Germany has an unfair advantage.

England’s Jamie Carragher believes Germany gained a huge advantage at the World Cup by ensuring their players had four months to get used to the ball they banged into the net four times against Australia.

The controversial Jabulani balls were introduced into the Bundesliga by German-based manufacturer adidas in February and Carragher believes that has given England’s biggest rivals an edge that was apparent in their impressive 4-0 win over the Socceroos in their opening match on Sunday.

“That is exactly what we were saying as we were watching,” Carragher said. “It gives them an advantage anyway. Certainly, that is true. It is obvious. The ball is very different. Every training session we do we always start with a ball between two, passing 30 or 40 yards to each other just for that reason alone. I am sure it has helped them.”

FIFA and adidas insist that any difficulty players have encountered with the balls here is down to the effect of altitude, not anything to do with the design. That stance has been disputed by numerous players and Carragher believes designers will always try to tweak the specifications of balls to generate more goals.

“When you are making a ball for the World Cup the idea is to create more goals I think and get it to do strange things to make it a more exciting tournament. But every cross I have seen has been overhit. It goes over the back post. I haven’t seen anyone get a free-kick over the wall yet.

“It just seems to sail straight over the bar. Looking at the start, maybe it is not doing what people expected. People thought there would be more goals but apart from Germany I don’t think there have been too many goals in the tournament.”

The English  Premier League has a deal with Nike and could not use the adidas ball, while the English Football Association is contracted to Umbro for international fixtures, thereby preventing Capello’s side experimenting with the new ball in the friendly with Egypt in March. England have been using it every day since they gathered in Austria for a pre-tournament training camp, barring the Wembley friendly against Mexico.

Bundesliga clubs were at liberty to use any ball of their choice last season, thus enabling them to take immediate delivery of the Jabulani when it was launched. The ball was also used in domestic leagues in Switzerland, Portugal, the United States, South Africa and the Netherlands last season, and in the French Cup and the Africa Cup of Nations. No complaints over its performance were received, with tests in sessions at Chelsea, Real Madrid and Milan also producing positive feedback.

“We supplied the national federations with the ball in February,” said Thomas van Schaik, an Adidas spokesman. “Obviously, we stressed they needed to use it and we offered it to them for usage. The reason we chose February was because, following the launch in December, there had not been any internationals. That meant that the national teams would have the first opportunity to have access to the ball at the same time.”

More than half the players at the 2010 World Cup have used the Jabulani ball in games before the World Cup. None of them are from the England team. The fact is that, even if the Germans have any advantage, the English only have themselves to blame for not being able to use the ball more extensively.

German Football
By German Football June 15, 2010 05:23
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  1. Ratul June 15, 06:25

    hilarious…..ha ha….did england ever perform well(except 1966, although the final was controversial!!)in WC? a ball can never turn a “hero” into “zero”…england, blame yourself!!

  2. Hermann June 15, 08:38

    OHHH! C’mon!!! Stop crying you **** boy!!!

  3. Kai June 15, 10:36

    hmmm…. and they say this ball doesnt do what you want it…..i remember when they still used it in the bundesliga and arjen robben scored a spectacular freekick for bayern

  4. Cy June 15, 10:48

    Hermann: He may be a fool, but there’s never any need for homophobia.

    As for England trying to someone or something to blame for getting knocked out, nothing new there. And of course they’re going to have a go at their so called rivals, Germany. Germany: 7 WC final appearances, 3 wins. England: 1. Enough said.

  5. Roxy June 15, 12:49

    Oh how typical of the England football team to blame it all on something else. No wonder there is so much arrogance around when England beat such trivial teams as the Algerians and the Slovenian’s. Just wait I hope England have to face a major team well before the Semi’s then we’ll see what happens, until I suggest you don’t blow your vuvu when you beat Algeria!

  6. القيصر June 15, 13:38

    Shut the hell up Jamie Carragher, baby cry, don’t blame the ball, as Ratul said remember 1966, from the beginning you don’t have brain.

  7. Ash June 15, 16:58

    How exactly is England Germany’s biggest rivals? They won the WC all on 1 time! Germany has much bigger opponents to worry about.

  8. Jacob June 16, 00:20

    Those are remarks of a typical LOSER. Blame it on the ball…wow. What a Wanker!

  9. lolfaggots June 28, 13:19

    The OBVIOUS advantage gained by players who COULD use the ball MORE than other players in undoubtable… any who deny that are obviously full of shit, have their head stuck up someones ass and can’t think for themselves in a reasonable manner… besides Germany needed the help of a bent referee in a bent sport… full of dodgy cunts and run by Sepp (french handballing twats)

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