Beckenbauer joy at England thrashing

German Football
By German Football June 28, 2010 08:15

Beckenbauer joy at England thrashing

Germany legend Franz Beckenbauer has had the last laugh in his running war of words with England after his team were “simply better in every aspect” than their second round opponents.

Beckenbauer had criticised England’s style of play before it was even confirmed they would face Germany in the tournament and he is now revelling in Germany’s 4-1 victory, playing down the importance of the equaliser by Frank Lampard that was missed by officials since England were well beaten regardless.

“England were overwhelmed – they just could not come to terms with our style of play,” he said. “We have taken England apart. We were simply better in every aspect. The linesman really has to see the that goal which was not given. It was a clear goal. Fortunately, we added two more, otherwise there would be a lot more discussion about it.”

Gunter Netzer, who won the World Cup for Germany in 1974, rejected calls for the use of goal-line technology as a result of the controversial moment.

“Despite this goal, I am firmly against video evidence,” he told Germany’s ARD television.

“As bad as it was, football is all about drama; football is not perfect. Even footballers make many errors and that is what brings emotion to the game.”

While the discussion over the introduction of technology is bound to rage on, Beckenbauer was eager to point out that Germany coach Joachim Low should also be given credit for his nation’s win.

“We thought before the game that it was going to be a tight one, but you can see Joachim Low’s signature on this,” he said.

German Football
By German Football June 28, 2010 08:15
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  1. Hab June 28, 13:22

    I agree ‘Video Technology’ is not necessary. Germans demolished England! I loved it.

  2. Roxy June 28, 22:28

    Funny how they want technology now but when england won the world cup back in 1966 their ball did not go over the line and they were given that goal. The english media has never ever mentioned any of that, now that their own goal has been disallowed they want technology I say NO! It should be based on the referee’s decision.

    German didn’t just tear england apart they bent them over backwards and ****ed them up the backside LOL!!!!!

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