Kuranyi moves to Dynamo Moscow

German Football
By German Football May 10, 2010 05:42

Kuranyi moves to Dynamo Moscow

Kevin Kuranyi has confirmed he is leaving Schalke to join Dynamo Moscow on a free transfer.

Kuranyi, whose contract expires at the end of June, announced the transfer on his own official website, thanking the Schalke fans for their support this season.

“I will most certainly remember my recent time with Schalke as one of the best of my life,” he said. “The way you celebrated us and me after the final home game of the season is one of the most emotional moments of my career.”

Schalke had hoped to begin negotiations with Kuranyi over a new contract once they had secured their place in the Champions League and were able to know what kind of financial possibilities they had to offer the 28-year-old striker.

However, the interest from Moscow materialised before this was possible and, although Kuranyi insists the move is not all about money, it would have been hard for the Royal Blues to compete with the wages on offer from the Russian giants.

“I always said that, at the end of the day, the overall package had to be right,” he said. “I had that feeling with Dynamo. Of course the financial side is one aspect of it and it would be hypocritical to claim otherwise.

“I believe that my family will be happy in Moscow. I have spoken at length with Russian friends about it because not only I have got to get used to a new environment, but my family does too.”

Kuranyi’s decision to leave the Bundesliga may also be a reaction to his exclusion from the German squad for the World Cup.

“Whatever the future brings, the time I spent with Schalke will always remain special for me,” he said. “Therefore, I thank you [the fans] with all my heart and wish Schalke all the best.”

Do you think he made a smart decision in deciding to go to Dynamo Moscow?

German Football
By German Football May 10, 2010 05:42
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  1. Hanin Sharif May 10, 08:52

    I do not believe he made the right decision, I think it is an unintentional reaction to Low’s decision in opting him out from the World Cup squad, but I think he should have seen this coming. Therefore, he should have considered this from many different angles, he was doing a great job with the Royal Blues and blended in just great. I am not a Schalke fan but a Bayern one, but still it is always nice seeing German players shine out in the Bundesliga. Best of luck to him!

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