Boateng complains over treatment

German Football
By German Football May 26, 2010 19:31

Boateng complains over treatment

Kevin-Prince Boateng says his family have been turned into an “evil enemy” as the fall-out continues from his challenge on Michael Ballack in the FA Cup final.

Boateng received a yellow card for his foul on the Chelsea midfielder but the damage done to Ballack’s ankle has ruled him out of the World Cup finals, with Germany ruing the loss of their captain.

Boateng, who has already apologised for the tackle, was born in Germany but will represent Ghana in South Africa. The two countries face each other in Group D on June 26 and Boateng could line up against his half-brother Jerome, who has been included in Joachim Low’s squad.

The Portsmouth midfielder is unhappy with the reaction to the Ballack incident and claims his family have been unfairly targeted, while Ballack’s behaviour has escaped scrutiny.

“What is happening has gone too far,” Boateng told Sport Bild. “Some people have managed to involve my family in this whole affair and we have been turned into an evil enemy.

“On the other hand, many are minimising and ignoring the slap around the face I got from Michael Ballack. Even my public apology a week last Monday has been swept under the table. People have overstepped the mark.”

Boateng also claims to have received support from a number of Chelsea players who agree that there was no intent to hurt Ballack.

“I have had contact with two or three Chelsea players and they say that a foul like that can happen,” Boateng said. “They say I should not let what is being reported about me get to me. It was not intentional. I don’t want to be seen as a victim, but I would like criticism to be constructive.”

German Football
By German Football May 26, 2010 19:31
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  1. akash May 26, 20:40

    f**k off boateng……who r u to say anything abt ballack……u ruined his hopes for playin in the world cup……but the germans will come hard at ur ghana team nd will ruin ghana….go germans…

  2. madboyim May 26, 21:37

    u hav to give ur best to defeat germans.all r solid rock ballack injured but we hav 10 more ballack.

  3. Emmet May 27, 10:50

    fuck off and go ruin someone elses dreams, fuck you boateng, fuck you.


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