Ballack’s lawyer targets Boateng

German Football
By German Football May 19, 2010 07:19

Ballack’s lawyer targets Boateng

A lawyer for Michael Ballack said he intends on lodging a complaint against Portsmouth’s Kevin-Prince Boateng for the “intentional” tackle which ended the Germany captain’s World Cup hopes.

The 33-year-old German will be sidelined for eight weeks, thus ending his hopes of playing what was likely to have been his last World Cup campaign in South Africa.

For the German’s lawyer, Michael Becker, Boateng set out to injure Ballack intentionally.

“To me, what Boateng did was not simply an insidious tackle but was designed to intentionally injure,” Becker said. “We are now looking into all of our legal options, which could lead to both civil and penal consequences.”

Ballack’s injury and subsequent absence from the June 11-July 11 finals caused uproar in Germany, although Boateng said Monday he did not set out to injure Ballack.

“I was late and I tackled him head on, it was really stupid. I apologised to him twice on the pitch, and now this makes it three times,” he said. “I am really sorry, but there was no ill-intention meant.”

Ballack meanwhile indicated he wanted to forget the whole incident.

Speaking from his team’s training camp in Sicily, to which he travelled despite his injury, Ballack said: “Obviously I’m still very angry and disappointed, but there’s no point in going out to make things worse.”

German Football
By German Football May 19, 2010 07:19
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  1. kuheli chatterjee May 19, 09:38

    I don’t think there is any use of taking legal actions against that player who tackled our captain. I am a mad German supporter since 2006 and only I know how I am feeling after hearing the sad news.Inspite of this I will say that the tackle was not intensional.Many players do such tackles.As it caused us too much just before the world cup, we are making an issue of it. But please don’t do this. Only from our statement that we are going to take legal actions against that player many people are standing against us. We are giving people the opportunity to talk against us. I can not tolerate (obviously with many other German supporters) any kind of controversial talk against Germany as I am a true German supporter. For your supporters, please don’t do this. Think about our captain. He received the tackle and he wants to forget the whole incident. Then you don’t have any right to take actions in this matter. He would play his last world cup this time and he is already dangerously disappointed for this news. Don’t make him more sad by pulling him in the center of a big controversy against him which will surely happen if you don’t stop such activities.Germany can still play a good football.But you may take a last chance to let our captain play in South Africa.Andrew leipus and Adrian le roux are two best doctors who can help you in this matter.Somedays ago,a cricketer was not even able to walk on his feet also,he was using a wheelchair.But only because of the two,he played with full strength and energy just after some days,not a week was required also. Adrian Le Roux is Team Trainer of Kolkata Knight Riders and Andrew Leipus is Physiotherapist of Kolkata Knight Riders.You may contact them.

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