Player Profile: Lukas Podolski

German Football
By German Football April 3, 2010 05:29

Player Profile: Lukas Podolski

Lukas Podolski is a forward for Germany’s national soccer team, also playing with FC Cologne in the Bundesliga. The 5-foot, 11-inch Podolski was named by FIFA as “Best Young Player” at the 2006 World Cup and was the second highest goalscorer for Germany during qualifying play for the 2010 World Cup.

Born in Poland but raised in Germany, Lukas Podolski started early, playing for the youth club of FC Bergheim at 6, and moving to FC Cologne (FC Köln) when he was 10. It was at FC Cologne that he first emerged into the limelight, scoring 10 goals in his first 19 senior appearances, the best tally by an 18 year old in the history of the Bundesliga. The following season, Podolski scored over 20 goals to lead Cologne to promotion to the Bundesliga, but the club was again sent down a level after the 2005-06 campaign.

Bayern Munich then signed Podolski for a reported $10 million transfer fee in the summer of 2006, and he made his debut in an August 2006 Bundesliga match against Borussia Dortmund. An ankle injury that year forced Podolski to the sidelines for a portion of his initial season in Munich, while additional player acquisitions at the forward position would limit Podolski’s time on the pitch for Bayern in following seasons.

Because of the lack of playing time, Podolski decided to returned to his former club FC Cologne in July 2009.

Having been born in Poland, Podolski was initially eligible to play for Poland, but then-Polish national coach Pawal Janas refused the call to consider him, claiming that Poland had “much better strikers” and there was no need for Podolski. Eventually, Podolski was won over by the German side, and since his inclusion in the starting line-up for the German Euro 2004 team, he has proven himself to be an indispensable player.

Paired with Miroslav Klose for the 2006 World Cup, Podolski netted 3 goals in his first World Cup appearance, his impressive tally tying with football greats such as Ronaldo and Thierry Henry. It also earned him the FIFA honor of “Best Young Player” (over such players as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi) at that World Cup.

During Germany’s successful qualifying campaign for UEFA’s 2008 European Championships, Podolski scored four goals in a 13-0 rout of San Marino, making him one of only four German players to notch four goals in an international match. At the 2008 Euros, Podolski scored three goals to help lead Germany all the way to the final game, a 1-0 loss to Spain.

Podolski continued to score goals for his international team in qualifying for the 2010 World Cup, putting six into the nets in his nine appearances for Germany, which took top spot in Europe’s Group Four to qualify for the World Cup in South Africa.

German Football
By German Football April 3, 2010 05:29
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  1. aso November 9, 12:05

    lucas can leave koln for manchster….its very good

  2. kritsama huad-lim November 11, 13:00

    Wir sind ein deutsches Fußball-Fans in Thailand, wartet auf die Gäste. Leistungssport von Thailand – Deutschland Wir sind eine Organisation der deutschen Fußball-Fans sind viele in Thailand. Wir lieben deutschen Fußball.

    • oshani watson December 26, 17:20

      lukas is the best i think he is better than christy all other hr deserves number 10 for real madrid kaka ,kaka is not good but podolsdki is excellent

  3. chris November 14, 03:49

    I don’t think I should wish the other team fail just because my favourite one in one team. I didn’t watch the match Koln lost and I couldn’t watch most of the matches. I only care if Podolski got hurt or not again. Because he doesn’t know how to prevent that from happening. That is why Podolski doesn’t fit the football industry. He is very kind and never think others have any bad ideas about him. I don’t wish Koln would win because of him. Because it is not fair for the other players in other teams. It should be a fair play. I don’t like football either. Because players hurt each other instead of making themselves stronger, which is the spirit of sports.

  4. chris November 16, 05:50

    People here don’t wear a hat in green and it is because, here when we say some one wear a green hat, it means, his wife has slept with another man. Now I have known that this culture is different in other contries. However, it made me think that if Podolski belongs to me, I would at least can offer him better meals than what Klose has. Haha. And hopefully, much more than that…Podolski is more than any prince in this world. He deserve the best everything more than anyone else.

  5. Lukman Maulana November 16, 13:36

    i like your style……..

  6. chris November 18, 17:05

    An old asian game: if you love 10% of your enemy’s beloved man, you lost 1*(100-10)% of your body. I wonder if everyone ever read about this game. It is 1*(100-x)% I think. I should make an experiment about that. And see if anyone lose any part of her body maybe. But if you could kill your enemy you would win. I don’t know who created this game. Maybe it is just a cheating game. Who knows?

  7. Azri November 21, 19:06

    I will be always supporting Lukas Podolski as well as the German Football Team! You guys are best of the best!!

  8. chris December 6, 13:44

    Hi, well I just read the news about Podolski got hurt on 2nd of Dec. I seem to always get news late. But what I have to say is, people can’t help kicking at him as long as the sports goes on. Because in this world people can’t help doing this sort of things. Well, maybe some of them didn’t do it on purpose(while the rest did). It is not important to find out about this. But you can’t expect Podolski to react just as a lamb. It is not fair for someone just accept hurting without any reaction ever. He has nothing wrong actually. Or at least I would always think so.

  9. chris December 9, 07:24

    I think the only point that I don’t like Lukas is he cares too much about winning or losing. Because I don’t like the way that he tried to win without thinking about his own safe or conditions. There are rules in the universe and one’s abilities is forever limited there is no way to pass a human’s limit. If a man can’t understand he is just a normal human God can’t help him and he hurt himself by not realizing this which he should know about.

  10. chris December 9, 13:23

    And it made me wonder that how they trained their players in Germany when someone like Podolski being as a professioan doesn’t know how to run, breathe and even drink water. It is almost unbelievable. Because I saw those players run in an incorrect way which hurt themselves. Because I found many times when Podolski trying to score he held his breath and didn’t run the right way as a sports man should do. It is not only harmful but also very unhealthy to do.

  11. chris December 9, 13:44

    So it sounds pretty funny to me when learning that people only want their national player to win but not lose once when someone eat crackers and hamburgers and wear shorts in the winter time and even are stopped in snowy days for the interviews. I read in my own country’s news about what they say about breaking the glass, I got very angry about the unfairness for a celebrity’s reaction. Well I also did break the glass on my room door for some reason. I think people envy Podolski and seek every single chance to say bad words about him. Even his own team mates hurt him. How can anyone be pleased with it?

  12. chrisy December 12, 16:10

    Because I love Podolski very much, so I wish I could meet a fairy on the way and asked her for a pill. Then after taking that pill I will kiss his feet. And if anyone who hurt him again, the magic works. The person who hurts Podolski would go rotten from his toes a bit by bit, and his teeth all off, hair gone, and his eyes go round and round, never stop again…If I met such a person, I would know he did hurt Lukas when I didn’t watch him. Then such a person will not be seen again.

  13. chrisy December 12, 17:09

    Just now I found the piece of vedio of how Podolski got hurt during the training. Because I didn’t watch it when I read the news. And besides people who reported the news didn’t report it correctly. They said Poldi kicked that man which is not the truth. Why they did this is because they don’t like Podolski. I watched several times just a while earlier. That team mate stepped on him first and then he went on to get that ball. Because Lukas wears shorts and the rest didn’t so this happened. But maybe even he didn’t do anything, others still envy him and they would hurt him. He did it on purpose! I am very sure about it. Because Lukas react without turning to see who did it. It means he realized what had happened. The way he reacted means the team mate did it on purpose and I watched it with my own eyes. I can tell that. Next time, I am sure the fairy would take that very team mate away with her if he dared to do anything again. Why the news here in my country said like that? Only Heaven knows.

  14. chrisy December 12, 17:22

    It reminds me of Van Bommel, the one even shaked hands before he stepped on his feet on purpose. How can they treat him like he is an idiot? Thomas Muller hit him on the head hard when there were many people there. I am sure they did it because 1. they didn’t like him. 2 they envy him. 3. They took him as he is stupid or something. But I warn you all: God is watching us from a distance.

  15. SHAHID December 13, 05:53


  16. oshani watson December 26, 17:22

    he is the best i think barcelona shoud by him

  17. chris January 13, 16:00

    Captain Podolski, yes, he is the one who needn’t be anyone to show he is the only one. Because he is someone that has been sent to the Earth by the One who created beauty and man. And no one can compare with such a man no matter what they do. He is Lukas Podolski, the prince, my greatest fantasy.

  18. chris March 6, 04:09

    When I nearly lose all my interest in the game of football, Lukas seems to be the only reason makes me turn to a page of sports news. I am really tired of those rumors about him. Because it appears like people say anything they can think of if they don’t like this man. Then one question from me: What on earth is the reason that Podolski should be liked by ‘those people’? Even Jesus is not liked by everyone, otherwise, why was he killed? People don’t like Poldi, because God likes him very much. He is gifted. Football means nothing. This game was created by human. Wasn’t by the Lord. Stupid people find themselves can not really do much then they have to play a foolish ball to be not ashamed of themselves.

  19. S.L. March 8, 03:57

    Nothing was like the pain of a heart broken when seeing that Poldi got injured. Because people attacked him and word kicker had another meaning when the ball was out of control. And there were so many kickers in Germany. They kick each other as well as any football. I don’t know how a man pure like Lukas Podolski can manage to avoid being hurted. But if you were a father of himself, he could maybe understand what I was feeling. To see someone who you love much getting hurted by others. I wish it was me who were there and got kicked.

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