Jermaine Jones chooses team USA over Germany

German Football
By German Football June 14, 2009 21:35

Jermaine Jones chooses team USA over Germany

Jermaine Jones has informed the German Football Association that, after counseling by his agent Roger Wittmann, he has determined to continue his international career as a member of team USA, despite 3 previous appearances in friendlies for the German national team.

The 27-year old midfielder of Schalke 04 has both German and U.S. citizenship. His move became legal when FIFA modified the provisions during a recent congress on the Bahamas. Jones is eligible to play for the United States, despite the fact that he had been nominated by German coach Joachim Löw for three games in 2008 (Austria, Belarus, England). Since Jones has not been active in a competitve non-friendly, he can effectively transfer to the U.S.-team, based on the modified FIFA regulations.

Löw said: “We accept the decision that Jermaine Jones has made. We wish him all the best for his future career.”


German Football
By German Football June 14, 2009 21:35
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  1. Andy June 14, 21:45

    What a stupid thing to do! USA will never win the World Cup!

  2. Forest Red March 21, 15:48

    Andy, it has nothing to do with representing a nation that gives you a better chance to win. It has EVERYTHING to do with representing the nation where your heart resides. His choice is personal, and nobody has the right to call it "stupid".

    Giuseppe Rossi was born in the United States but chose to represent Italy, and he has every right to do so….

    And with Jermaine Jones' father being an American, he has the same right to follow his heart and wear the shirt of his choice.

    Freedom is a good thing. 🙂

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