Player Profile: Manuel Neuer

German Football
By German Football April 19, 2008 22:12

Player Profile: Manuel Neuer

A baby-faced member of the German Under-21 side that triumphed at the 2009 European championships, Neuer’s main assets are his sharp reactions and superior distribution by hand or foot.

However, he can suffer lapses in concentration and will come under the spotlight if he replaces the injured Rene Adler. Still, experience will ease his progress and Neuer has certainly improved since he was first called up to the senior national team for a tour of Asia at the end of last season.

He has been with hometown club Schalke since the age of five and likes nothing better than to clamber up the stadium fencing and celebrate a victory with the club’s fans. Schalke coach Felix Magath calls him the ‘public face of the club’, but rumours are rife that he may be on the move soon to Bayern Munich.

German Football
By German Football April 19, 2008 22:12
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  1. Manuel June 8, 08:32

    Good Luck Neuer

  2. tweety June 14, 05:18

    man u realy r good..but u have to match the levels of oliver kahn..he waz the best goalie of his time..
    wish u goodluck for WC..

  3. Jane Chariot June 24, 00:30

    I prefer Alder but after seeing Neuer played in the tournament so far, I think he’s done a very good job.

  4. Lasantha June 27, 19:17

    Neuer,another Oliver Khan in the making!
    Mr.Khan pls ”believe” in your team.

  5. Graham June 30, 00:05

    What a disgrace to his country and humanity is the german goalkeeper.
    To actually admit he knew the ball was over the line in the disallowed English goal is an indictment on not only his character but those of his team and coach who states he is ‘ so proud of them’.
    Have they never heard of honesty and integrity… what price is this compared to the salaries they demand
    Shame on you!!!!!!!!!

    • Pendergast June 30, 03:13

      Graham, I have to disagree with you. It is very unfortunate that Neuer “appears” to be cheating. However, the decision of whether it was a goal or not was not his to make. It was the referee. No player in that situation would have admitted that it was a goal. If the referee waves play on, they get on with it and both referee and linesman clearly did not see the goal.

    • Mads June 30, 09:24

      1) It isn’t his job to say if the ball is over the line or not.

      2) He commands a much lower salary than so called “wonder boy” Wayne Rooney…

  6. indraz June 30, 09:55

    U’re soooo awesome … hope U can save Germany Team to be a winner in WC 2010… keep up the good work !!!!!

  7. kt July 4, 04:08

    u are the next generation oliver khan save germay till the final just win it win the wc 2010

  8. fanie July 4, 06:19

    good work neuer..hopefully u can still keep germany’s goal post saved till the end of this world cup, 2 is enough..

  9. DrKamal July 7, 03:58

    Manuel Neuer
    The road to the final has not yet come to an end; the party will go on. In South Africa, Germany and Malaysia. We are all one team. And we all have a very big goal. Together we can do it! GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL. WE LOVE YOU.

    Dr. Kamal Shah

  10. tram huynh July 8, 00:54

    Manuel Neuer you are the best goalkeeper in this Wold cup I like you.Good luck to you.

  11. beau July 9, 07:05

    neuer you are the best goalie ever, you could def become a world class goalkeeper! its like the team trust you so much to save the goal ๐Ÿ™‚ 3rd place will be yours

  12. shiby July 11, 15:16

    neuer..congratulations dear..nd thanks a lot fr saving Germany every time..wil miss u ur best everytime and be d Best Goal Keeper like oliver khan..nd make our Germany d best always.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. vir July 12, 00:54

    ta lindo el arquero!!! jjejejjeje………

  14. dinda ozil jackson July 15, 17:16

    neuer.. you are my love,my life ๐Ÿ™‚
    you are the great goal keeper have i seen ๐Ÿ™‚
    i love you very much ๐Ÿ™‚
    i’m so proud of you,,
    good luck for you ….

  15. Stela August 12, 13:04

    You are the best, i like very much you.
    Kisses Stela

  16. Maria August 12, 13:09

    I like you as goalkeeper, becouse you are one of the bests, and you play for Germany(my second favorite team in W.C). And your apparence is … good.

  17. abs August 20, 16:34

    you are the best and goodluck man

  18. eVe September 5, 16:59

    O Gosh. He’s a star!!!

  19. MissWrong September 21, 17:59

    I think Manuel is too sentimental about the football. I think Casillas did it by making the judgment of the ball instead of the person. But he could only managed to achive it as Casillas. What I think is he is friendly to each person who was trying to score. With this thought he had in heart, then he could achive it. Because I watched him against Germans, and I thought he reacted to the ball while all the other keepers to the persons.

  20. bhala October 1, 12:56

    your the best goalkeeper in the world good luck nuer

  21. aso November 9, 12:19

    neuer… worj very will in world cup 2010…….

  22. ainthu November 15, 11:23

    BEST GOALKEEPERR EVERR!!…luvky germanzz!

  23. Lukman Maulana November 16, 13:56

    yor is good goal keeper………..

  24. chrisy December 17, 14:15

    I think this time Schalke 04 will beat Koln.

  25. chrisy December 21, 04:42

    Nothing was more rewarding than seeing Neuer’s lovely smile. :o)

  26. shahmi12 February 18, 15:41

    i like manuel neuer because he is the best goalkeeper in germany league

  27. chris March 6, 04:18

    I couldn’t believe it when I came across the news and it read there was something happened between the fans and Manuel Neuer. I was thinking were there any people lost their way when driving to see the doctor? Or what is the problem? Why should they show that they were against him? But I have been thinking these days, Neuer has been abused by the football industry. Otherwise, he should have a happier life himself.

  28. S.L. March 7, 06:57

    So why didn’t people say what they want to Neuer right after Italy 1:1 Germany? How could you win without the help from this goalkeeper? And see who is on the other side? The one who is much older and more expeirenced than this young man. But I wish Neuer had played tennis now. Because I have no idea what he did was wrong. Now he was cleared because Philip Lahm said he is a good man. Who is Philip Lahm? How can he do this when a young hero has done so much to his country but got blame in return? And he wasn’t feeling disappointed? I was.

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